February Favourites!

So this month I had a few favourites that I thought I would share with you.

So lets start with hair care products, usually I tend to stay away from any hair serums/oils but this month there have been two items that were a must use every time I washed my hair. First was the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum, if like me, you have naturally curly hair then this stuff is for you. I use the serum all over my hair and it prevents my hair from getting frizzy and looking all types of crazy. Next up is the Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum from OGX. This serum can be used all over your hair but I focus it on the ends, it helps your ends from drying out or if you have a few split ends your hair won’t feel as dry. To top it off your hair will smell amazing with the lovely coconut scent it leaves.



The next item I’ve been loving this month is my Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming perfume. I actually got this from my dad for my birthday, which was in October, but I’m only now really getting into using it. To be honest I’m not a huge perfume person, and by that I mean I don’t usually buy expensive perfumes. But this perfume is gorgeous, obviously by the name you can tell it is more of a floral scent but its still sweet which is something I always look for in a perfume.




Now for the make up bits. Let me start with my NYX Hightlight & Contour Palette. Again this is something that I’ve had for a while and use here and there but over the month of Feb, and January tbh, I’ve made a lot of use out of it. There’s not much to say about this item, its just the perfect palette to satisfy all your contour and highlighting needs. Also it’s super affordable.



Next up is lip products. There have been three I’ve been loving this month which have actually all been pink shades. The first a lipstick from Mac in the colour Fast Play which is a natural pink shade.




Then a Lipstick Duo from Primark, the lipstick doesn’t actually have a name on it… but the shade is similar to fast play but slightly lighter. I tend to use this more as an everyday lip colour.


Last out of the lip colours is a Lip Liner from Mac, it’s actually one of the Cremestick Liners which Mac discontinued about a year ago or so. Because of this I use it very sparingly, trying to make it last… the struggle is real out here people. But the colour itself is called Pink Treat which is more of a deep pink not so much on the nude side like the other lip colours.


Last up in my Feb Faves are my Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes.  I got these brushes for Christmas so obviously I’ve been getting a lot of use out of them. I feel like there’s not much to say about these brushes… I think everyone knows how amazing they are. But I just needed to give them a shout out in my faves. Even though these brushes are a little bit more on the pricey side, they are definitely worth it. The brushes are super soft and apply make-up perfectly.



So I hope you guys enjoyed this favourites post and I hope you guys had a lovely February and have an amazing March.




2 thoughts on “February Favourites!

  1. llindaxxo says:

    Oddly, I’ve been getting into hair serums lately too and I’ve been loving the one by Herbal Essences. The OGX one you talked about looks really good – I’ll probably try it out once I’m done with the Herbal Essences one. The coconut scent sounds great.

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