Birthday Gifts from Sephora!

So my birthday was last week and my sister decided this would be the perfect time for her to go on holiday to Canada for a week (well done sis, great timing). But luckily for me this meant that I got some birthday goodies from SEPHORA! I had only asked my sister to get me a highlighter and she surprised me with some extra stuff.


So the first thing I obviously got was the highlighter, my sister picked up one from Becca Cosmetics. The highlighter is in the colour champagne pop which is from Jaclyn Hill’s range. As you can probably tell from the name its a gorgeous champagne colour.


The second thing I got was the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in medium/deep from Too Faced, I was honestly so happy when I got this. Firstly I’ve never tried Too Faced and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brand so I’m so excited I finally have something of mine own from the brand. Secondly I am in love with bronzers, I’m more of a bronzer girl than a blush girl. Also the bornzer is matte, which again is something I prefer more in a bronzer and to top it all of the bronzer actually smells like CHOCOLATE… I don’t think I’ll mind having my face smell like chocolate.


The last two things my sissy picked up for me was a Sephora lipstick, I’ve tried the Sephora products before so I knew this would be amazing. To be honest I’m not sure what the name of the lipstick is but it’s a nude, which is perfect because I’m definitely still on the nude lip vibes. And lastly I got the Excessive Lash Mascara from Make Up Forever.  Again this is a brand I haven’t yet tried and lets face it you can’t go wrong with a good mascara.




I’m super excited to try all of this products and I got them just in time for my holiday which I’m going on in a few weeks. So I will surely be packing these with me and making the most of them during my time away.



3 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts from Sephora!

  1. llindaxxo says:

    Aww that’s so nice of her! Did you know that Sephora gives out a birthday freebie to beauty insiders/VIBs during your birthday month? If you haven’t gotten it yet, definitely go – you have a choice between a Marc Jacobs mini lip set or a Fresh mini soy face cleanser set. Also, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! My bday was also this month, on the 8th! There are so many birthdays this month – weirdly makes me feel connected to other beauty makeup vloggers.

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