Bershka: Purses and Bags

Recently I’ve loved shopping at Bershka . I know that when I go in to the store I’m definitely going to find a few things that I need to take home with me and my recent visit was no different. This time round I found some cute (and affordable) bags and purses.


The first thing I picked up was the small brown purse. Lately I’ve been looking for a smaller sized purse to use when I’m using a small bag or a clutch (makes sense right). So I was so pleased when I found this one. A lot of smaller purses I’ve seen recently tend to not have a place for cards in them. This Purse however has place for cards, notes and also a separate section for coins. Simply everything a larger purse has but in a cute more practical size and to top it all off it was only £7.99.

IMG_4666.JPGSmall purse – £7.99

Next I saw the larger black purse, which I think is simple and sleek. I actually bought this as a gift for a friend but I couldn’t help myself and ended up buying one for myself too. Like the smaller purse, the larger purse has space for all the essentials, cards, notes and coins.


Large purse – £9.99


Last item I bought was the bag… simply because a girl can never have too many bags, right?


Small bag -£9.99

All items can be found on the Bershka website.




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